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Help us by Donating

Headway is a charitable organisation and relies solely on the kind donations of the public and members. 


All money is put towards providing a top quality recovery & support service for people who use the facility. 


The more donations we receive the further we can expand and the more we can offer to members. 

Please Donate Here

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South Staffordshire Community Lottery is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for good causes in South Staffordshire. All good causes supported by the lottery will benefit South Staffordshire and its residents. Play the lottery, Support South Staffordshire - it’s that simple! You can support your favourite charity at the same time. If you would like to support Headway South Staffordshire please follow the link and good luck! 



Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000! That’s a better chance of winning than the National Lottery or the Health Lottery!

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