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HealthUnlocked is a specialist online community tailored for people with a brain injury, their families and carers. This is a safe online environment to talk about all aspects of life with a brain injury.


You can use HealthUnlocked Forum-Headway-Brain Injury on Facebook to:


  • Discuss: In the discussion forum, you can post a new question, reply to someone else’s question query or just read through the forum to find information that may help you.


  • Share: Use the community’s blogging area to share your experiences of brain injury, and support others by commenting on their blogs.


  • Engage: Help keep the community active by taking part in our polls, reading Headway’s blogs and commenting on other posts.



Here’s the link    https://healthunlocked.com/headway

Welcome to Headway South Staffs


We are a charity that works to improve life after a brain injury by offering help and support to survivors of an Aquired Brain Injury.


Brain damage can result in a wide spectrum of Impairments. Our services are dedicated to providing the required  support for people to regain their maximum potential for independance, choice and opportunity. We provide a specialist rehabilitation service and can be accessed on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11.00am to 3.30 pm


Help is at hand

Headway South Staffordshire

The Barbanell Centre

64b Cooperative Street


ST16 3DA


01785 257462

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Charity Number 1122504