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Here are some testimonials by members and volunteers, in their own words:



Coming to Headway is like having a sofa to sit on with people who understand around you, I don't have to explain myself too much.

HL Member 20/02/2022


I came to Headway because I had a brain injury. I went into Birmingham Hospital, then I got transferred to Cannock Hospital, Staffs.

Headway has helped me to get better. I enjoy coming to Headway to mix with people, we have a good time. We also go out when we can.

LD Member 28/04/2021




After I was hit by a car, which gave me a head injury I felt a bit lost, then I heard about Headway that had opened in Stafford, where I live. So, I enquired about becoming a volunteer and I then started to help where I could.

Joining the team helped me find a purpose, a reason to do something different and to help others. As I was out of work for a considerable time, this gave me more confidence to join in with others doing volunteering work.

When I am at Headway I sit with members and join in with any activities that are put forward, keeping an eye out for any possible problems that may occur. I give assistance when there is a trip out and make sure everyone is safe and enjoying themselves.

MP Volunteer 28/04/2021



After a traumatic 2-year journey of not knowing where I belonged in this world anymore and what was my purpose in life, Professor Ward referred me to Headway South Staffs, and it was the best day ever. I met people who were like me, who had good days, bad days, and it did not matter we still came together to support each other, and the staff are always there with a smile and a cuppa no matter whatever the situation we find ourselves in. Its not just a rehab centre it is a lifeline for most of us and we couldn’t live a day-to-day life without their support and ongoing care they give.

JP Member 28/04/2021



My name is Dannii, I came to Headway because I had a subdural haematoma on 27th April 2012. I had 6 heart attacks and spent 6 months in hospital. Headway has helped me by making me more independent. I love coming to Headway and joining the activities set by staff, I enjoy baking and bead arts. I love spending Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with my little Headway family, I love all the members, we have a fantastic team of support with the members and staff.

DT Member 28/04/2021



My name is Andrew I suffered a brain injury after a car accident in 2010, I have been coming to Headway since 2012. The activities and support from the staff are amazing, and all the members help and support each other in achieving goals.

AP Member 28/04/2021

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